About Us

Dekhodr is established in 2016 and  has office at Jaipur , Rajasthan India. Dekhodr is engaged with the services in healthcare sector which focus on providing service to Doctors, Diagnostic labs, medical stores and patients.

Dekhodr is established on the basis of the thought "TIME IS VERY PRECIOUS, SAVE IT" in which we at dekhodr provide facilities to patients by which they can take online appointment of any doctor with ease by using their own smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop. By using Dekhodr app or  website www.dekhodr.com patients can take appointment of any doctor of their choice at any area whether they have or haven’t any idea about the Doctor of the needed specialty.

We at Dekhodr aim to serve you the best services which help to save your precious time.

Our divisions focus on multiple super specialty areas.

We are the youngest company to feature in providing the Healthcare Benefits.


To lead the path towards a Healthier world and strive to become most admired company by doctors, patients, and all channel partners. To serve in best way so that Dekhodr is recognized as

"Need of Everyone".


To become world class Healthcare Providing Company integrated in all segments with dominant Indian leadership.


Our core commitment is towards improving health care and creating value for all our Partners including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.


We will be committed to patients and Doctors as users of our product we will strive to do our best at every step, by providing best products and services.


We will make ongoing efforts to innovate with our products to bring best of clinical practices in health care industry.


We will conduct ourselves with high integrity to ensure respect of our Teammates and their excellence is honored, we will strive to provide best of career opportunities to our colleagues.

"The need of everyone"